Immortality Tip: Pain Has Strength to Give

Pain Relief Now!

In this Article You’ll Find: A powerful author biography; how pain becomes a gift; the gold in difficult times; your path to a wonderful life!

In Brokenness Is Strength

When we’re broken, lost or hurt — there’s strength.

Our strength waits for us. Real strength and calm appear when we deeply ask.

Hardship, pain and loss have a gift. When we’re broken beyond our means, we can dig deep and find a way through.

The Gift of Difficult Times

Hard times have strength to give that’s equal to their level of difficulty. To get this strength, we can’t run from our problems. We can’t hide away or distract ourselves from the challenge at hand.

Pain Relief Now!

Turn Pain into Power

There is strength in pain. Pain is the marker, the voice telling us where to dig for gold. Pain tells us where our greatest gift can be found if we work through the pain and don’t run.

I’ve found my greatest gifts, strength and joy, by working through hardship and difficult times.

A Problem to Be Solved

As a young man, I assumed willpower and hard work would get me where I wanted to go. This approach had given me success. Life seemed full of opportunity. Yet, I had lessons to learn.

In my teens, I was injured by a bad experience with a street drug, a hallucinogenic with strychnine. After this drug experience, I was in pain most every day, with nerve damage and anxiety. I could not escape this difficult fate.

After a year, I had endured as much as I could. There seemed no hope; I was not able to cope. While considering an end to my life, I instead said a prayer.

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A Prayer Saved My Life

From the depths of me, and the source of my pain, I said a prayer. My prayer was for help. I asked the Higher Power of my understanding to do something, anything that would ease my stress and help me live.

Saved by a Miracle

A Prayer Saved My Life

The moment I asked for help, I found myself enveloped in perfect love. This was the love of a Greater Power, yet this love was my soul.

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In this beautiful state of healing, I knew fully who I was as never before. There was no time or space, just perfect love and the presence of a Greater Power. This power and I shared the save love and had the same soul, in a way. But we were separate individuals. To me, this Power was my Father — deep, profound and absolute

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Found My Home At Last

As I stayed with this Power, my Father, I was the same as the Father, the same Being with the same qualities. Yet, I was not the same; I was a unique individual. I was like a small tree spawned from the father tree. I was a child in the presence of my spiritual father. We were separate individuals, yet one being.

When I use the term “Father,” it’s not a metaphor. This Father was my source. I fully knew, remembered and felt my kinship with this Paternal Being. This was the Force that gave rise to me.

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I’m not a person of religious dogma, and would hesitate to call this God, yet that is how it felt to me.

As I stayed with this Father, I was fully well and home. I knew where I was. It felt I had always been in this place and had never left.

There was no time or space, yet this reality was more real than life on earth. I was at home with a perfect love and peace.

Back to this World

Time passed in this beautiful place of healing. Gradually, I focused back to the world and my bed where I lay. The perfect love remained, and everywhere I looked, this love flowed. Everything I thought of, on earth, received this perfect love. This absolute love, of my father and self, flowed everywhere I looked, to every problem in the world.

Slowly, this heavenly gift eased away, and I became myself again. I had been healed, in one instant, about 30%. At this time, I understood the event and its meaning: though I remained injured, I was healed enough to continue life.

How to have a healing miracle

Healed Me 30%

At this time of healing, I knew the next 70% of my recovery would require work, hand in hand, with this Creative Power.

Destiny and the Road Ahead

At this time, I was 16 and could see the road ahead: my recovery would take years. I would have to rebuild my health and gain a greater understanding. As my health improved, I would need to learn how to hold this perfect love and bring it to the world.

I knew my destiny was to recover and show others how to end their suffering and pain.

Hardship was my gift and teacher. This difficult event in my teens led to a transcendent experience that showed me who I was and how my life would be lived.

After that healing moment, I was still in distress, healed just 30%. My struggle continued; the pain demanded every day that I search deeper, that I find the love of my soul and further healing.

Something Good in Every Problem

Though my healing was not complete, I was healed enough to go on living. Yet, there was work to do.

  • Experience Quantum Love
  • Know the Purpose of Life
  • Discover Something New

I had experienced love to the quantum degree, yet I needed to know more love. I knew my purpose and path in life, yet I had to live this path. I needed to learn, understand and become more.

As I continued, every day of challenge showed me something new … as I asked for further help.

There were ups and downs, feeling good and bad. Every moment of distress had a greater lesson. Every depth had gold to give.

I was forced, by my struggle, to look deeper for solutions — to earnestly seek more help.

I knew the lesson of suffering would be of value. I had been healed. I understood my mission was to speak and write about the gift I received.

The universe opened up to me. Somehow the deeper my pain went, the more profound the solution became. Every hardship had a gift. If I stayed with every challenge, working through it, there was always something good.

The Force of Life and Success

My life forced me to become who I wanted to be and to have a greater gift.

Every day of hardship forced me to focus on solutions, on love and success. Every day tested me and demanded I know more — be more of who I am and what I could be.

Find Your Higher Power

We All Have Gold Within

I discovered we all have a gift of perfect love and happiness — it’s our soul. Within us is the gift of who we are.

We all have this gift, yet the hardship of life can take us far from this.

Distress Becomes a Strength

The challenges of life may confuse us and bring despair, but we can change things and find something good. We can turn around every bad event and make it a strength.

To get ahead, we may need to look in a different direction.

Every hardship can become a valuable experience, but we have to work through difficult times until they improve.

With hope in hand, we can start the journey to a greater life, stronger for where we’ve been.

About The Author

John F. Harrigan, M.S.

Author, Speaker, Qi Gong Master.