They Laughed When I Said I Knew the Secret to Immortality


Laughter can lead to understanding and awareness, to an open mind. An open mind is required to consider the thought that we may not have to die…

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Qi Gong for Immortality

Qi Gong for Immortality 42KB jpeg

For Strength, Calm and Immortality: try this Qi Gong Video, “Five Organ Breathing.”

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Step 9 to Immortality

Step 9 18KB jpeg

As we repair the harm we’ve done, our conscience grows. We become aware and feel our soul; immortality awakens.

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Step 8 to Immortality

Step 8 to Immortality 34KB jpeg

In Step 8 to Immortality, we gain strength by awakening our conscience. We get power for a life of joy, happiness and physical immortality.

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VIDEO: Step 7 and the Power of Asking

Step 7 Video 22Kb - jpeg

Use the video below as a meditative tool to activate your immortality, to find the ease and personal strength within you. Learn to ask for, and receive, what you want.

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How to Ask For (and Get) What You Want!

Ask for immortality

In this article, we further discuss the power and importance of asking for what we want and need — asking of ourselves, the world and our Greater Power. When we ask for the right thing at the right time, miracles happen. For the universe to respond, we must make a request.

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Step 7 to Immortality – Time to Ask

In Step 7, we use our “Gift of Request” to make something great and wonderful happen! We ask our Greater Power to remove our shortcomings, our habits and reactions holding us back from success, happiness and personal growth.

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Step 6 to Immortality: Getting Ready

In Step Six of the “12 Steps to Immortality,” we get ready for Step 7 by asking ourselves: have we done thorough Steps One through Five? We reflect and get closer the power in ourselves, to a Greater Power in life.

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Your Immortality Tool: Awareness

Awareness gives us control of our best human abilities. Discover a technique for eternal power — where balance, bliss and perfect love unfold. Bring your soul alive, as the person you want to be — with happiness, health and immortality!

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The Power of Kindness – Have More Friends, Success and Happiness

Discover the power of human kindness for making life fantastic! As adults, the more relaxed and at home we are – with our kindness – the better our lives will be: having more friends, success and happiness.

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