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The Truth about Human Immortality!

  • We’re born to live forever: the original design of our body does not include
    illness and death. Physical immortality is a fact we can live in this life.
  • Illness and death are habits evolved over time, as our bodies and minds
    were used in ways that did not favor life.
  • We’re perfect as we are without the need for injury, sickness and death.







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  • Discover 3 Steps to Physical Immortality

    We shape ourselves — and the world — by thought, word and deed. Self reflection and awareness give us control of this process.

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    Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing art for strength, calm and physical immortality. Try Qi Gong now!

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John, You cannot know how much these sessions have meant to me.  You are a gifted teacher and giving human being. Thank you so very much for your wisdom and caring about those of us who come to learn.

Nancy B. -- Student Michigan

John's teachings will have you feeling better and his wise words will sink into you and blossom when you least expect it. This is my wish for you, attend John's classes if you have the chance! 🙂

Lorena G. -- Student Colorado

John and I belong to the Sixth Generation of International Wu Dang and are recognized as Masters. People who attend John's workshops say they have a great learning and healing experience!

Judith B. -- Qi Gong Master/Teacher Washington State