Relax. Be Calm. Have Peace.

Relax. Be Calm. Have peace.

As we find this perfect peace within, we physically get calm and see our immortality — the perfect love of our soul that sustains us and creates the world.

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Death Is a Con We Accept

For immortality, remove the veil of death from your eyes.

Death is a con we all accept without question or fault, and that’s wrong. No one has to die. There is little value in suffering and pain. We can grow and evolve with joy and happiness. Discover the secret to living forever in the world of your dreams. It can happen now!

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Perfect Calm, Wonderful Love

seagulls in flight

At your core, you exist in a perfect state. To find this core, meditate or go for a walk. Do something you enjoy. Think of love, and be at peace.”

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Peace Is the Core of Who We Are


Find peace and immortality. The first in a series, this article expands on my book, “Qi Gong and Spiritual Growth.” Discover your strong, peaceful and immortal self.

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How Habits Create Physical Immortality


Physical form is created and sustained by habit. All of life is made by patterns repeating themselves, such as our planet circling the sun, again and again, and electrons orbiting an atom’s core. Habit creates both death and human immortality — the choice is ours.

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How to Change the World

blue sun rising

For something good, change your course. As we change, the world will rearrange. The physics, look and nature of life all change as we change ourselves. By shifting how we think and act, a little at a time, we can transform the world from: hate to love, conflict to peace, scarcity to plenty … and death to immortality.

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Love Is Not Desire

Get the love you want! Love heals, makes us strong and immortal. Love makes us happy, calm and comfortable. Awaken your love today!

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Qi Gong Saved My Life

In last weeks blog post, “Qi Gong Power,” we talked about Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese healing art. Today’s blog will continue this discussion with a personal story of how Qi Gong helped me recover from a deadly health condition. Today’s Qi Gong Qi Gong, an ancient healing art, is practiced today by millions in China…

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Qi Gong Power: What Is Qi Gong and How Can It Help You?

Qi Gong Helps Us Think!

Qi Gong brings our core self alive. With this core, we feel good, strong and happy — living the life we want. Confusion stops; bliss and happiness emerge.

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5 Steps to Powerful Love

Powerful Love Heart Blue

Deep within, we have a core of love and grace. Our core is always there, as who we are… This article will show you how to access this core of love, and bring it alive into your life. What Is Love? Love is the perfect essence at the core of all life. Love is comforting, strong and…

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