Immortality Secret: Death Is Something We Create

Death Is a human creation

Immortality Secret: Earlier in time, cosmologically, there was no death; there was just our universe transforming and expanding. Before that, all that now exists was one small point where everything was the same, the singularity.

The Big Bang and Immortality

When the universe began, far left, we were all one thing, the Singularity.

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How Did Death Begin?

I suggest death began when the first form of life killed another life. Small things kill. Viruses, bacteria and single cells can take a human life. All forms of life have freewill, to a degree. When the smallest living thing decides to kill for the first time in history — death has begun and karmic debt is levied.

At one time in history, there was no death, but death arrived by forms of life making the choice to kill.

As one small form of life makes a kill and survives. Other forms of life naturally copy this survival tactic. Killing a competitor may seem to have immediate rewards, in the long run, there’s hell to pay.

Death Is a human creation

We’ve Created Death by How We Live– by How We Think and Act.

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 A Way of Surviving

For killing to exist as a way of surviving, killing had to give an advantage to the forms of life that killed. As killing gained in frequency, we were off to the races, where life-killing-life became a common way to exist.

The problem with killing is that killing creates death, for everyone.

As killing advanced, higher forms of life evolved into organisms that were smarter, more aggressive and effective at taking lives.

The End of the Road

All bad things come to an end, but how and when can brutality and death cease their influence? How long can things continue in this manner? Are we at a dead end?

How to live foever

Immortality: The End Is the Beginning

We’re probably near the end of the road. We can’t keep killing if we want the world to survive. Brutality and harm have to stop, en masse. For this to happen, we’ll need a revolution of good intended action.

There’s No Need to Die

There is no need for suffering and death. The Circle of Life is a flawed idea; Disney had it wrong. An endless cycle of predators — running down, killing and consuming each other (at micro and macro levels) — is not a sustainable model for growth. It defies common sense and begs an alternative. We can design a world where death never comes. We can reform the world to an immortal place of ease and good.

Making Immortality a Reality

We make this life immortal by changing, incrementally, how we act and think. The thoughts and actions of 7 billion people, the population of the world, effect and control how nature acts.

I suggest the actions and words, of billions on earth, create the problem we have. Death is not some predetermined fact. Life can be an immortal form of ever evolving wisdom and good.

Death is a sad creation we perpetuate by doing harm.

Simply living with the expectation that we’ll die, and multiplying this thought every day, 7 billion times… what happens? A vortex of unconscious intent takes shape, crafting death and harm. It’s difficult to escape, yet we can.

Make the world immortal

The Force of Billions Shapes Reality

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The Power of Belief

Human thought creates our actions, large and small. Thinking has influence on our physical bodies.

A belief that we have little control over accident and disease, creates a harsh reality, and makes certain the rule of death never leaves.

We may have some help from science and medicine in how we live. But to end hardship and suffering, we need to change inside. We need to look at what we believe.

Biology of Belief

We Influence Our Genetic Expression

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We’re in Control

Life is not a predetermined event. We create the rules and reactions of life within ourselves. We’re in control of how this world acts. We are creators.

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Think of the Wizard of Oz — Dorothy, the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scare Crow were on a quest for things they desperately wanted. Dorothy wanted to return home. The Tin Man wanted a heart. Cowardly Lion sought courage, and the Scarecrow wanted a brain.

Characters in the Wizard of Oz

On the Left Is What They Wanted — On the Right Is What Was Found

We create suffering and death

They Had What They Needed from the Start

After a long and perilous journey, these four characters found what they were looking for: the All and Powerful Wizard of Oz. These four thought the Wizard could solve their problems. The Wizard was like a god that everyone in Oz feared and revered.

They Faced the Truth

Dorothy and her friends finally stood before the Wizard; they trembled and shook with fear. The Wizard was a colossal and frightening figure — supernatural, exploding and on fire. The Wizard was a scary guy!

Yet there was Dorothy’s dog, Toto, who did not fear the image of the Wizard one bit. Toto looked behind the curtain and found a small silly man. This man was creating a fraudulent image of wizardry, with tricks and common magic.

The Prize Was Inside Them

The Wizard of Oz was not a god, but a fraud it seemed? Toto, the dog, uncovered this fact. But this wasn’t quite true. The Wizard turned out to be the smartest man in Oz. The Wizard showed Dorothy that she had the secret to home all the time. She needed only click the heals of her ruby slippers.

The Wizard went on to show the Lion he had the courage he wanted. The Scarecrow learned he had a brain, and the Tin man discovered his heart.

The Movie Was a Metaphor*

As a child, my sisters and I watched the Wizard of Oz every year. My parents would have a party of their friends the night of the movie, and all the children watched the Wizard of Oz.

Wizard of Oz and Life Meaning

‘Wizard of Oz’ Demonstrated Greater Truths

I was so young, the movie confused me. I didn’t understand the story. It seemed a big bad dream.

As an adult, things were different. The movie appeared a wonderful example of truth and wisdom, a story of where we get our human strength.

The message of this movie for me, is we can search for answers outside ourselves, but our greatest strength is in our soul.

[* Metaphor: something used to represent something else; emblem; symbol.]

From Victims to Creators

As long as we think we’re victims placed into an unfair world, there’s not much hope. If we continue to think the terms of life are predetermined, we have little ability to change our circumstances.

When we know we’re creators, making the laws that govern ourselves, things can change.

When we understand we’re creating all day long, by how we think, speak and act — we gain control. As long as we search for a Wizard, in place of our own ability, nothing much changes.

When we realize we’re all Wizards, making the world what it is, improvements can be made.

As we look and see the controls for living in front of our eyes, there’s hope.

We’re all in the cockpit, captains at the front of the plane. We sit at the controls of our lives, but we have to look at the controls and comprehend. We must see the instrument panel, take hold and direct our flight.

How to Make this World Immortal

We take control of immortality by becoming aware of our thoughts and deeds. We transform everything by how we act and think. The world evolves as we do something good, as we’re guided by lasting directives.

The World Can Be Immortal

Make the World Immortal Now

There is no secret to immortality beyond the fact that we create our experience, en masse, and individually. We can eliminate death and harm by acting with reverence and purposing a better fate.

How we behave and think, what we believe and want, determines the direction of life.

About The Author

John F. Harrigan, M.S.

Author, Speaker, Qi Gong Master.