Immortality and How to Live Forever

Head of a Persian guard.

Death is not natural or good; immortality and eternal living are what we’re born to do. Disease, accident and death are the outcomes of behaving badly. We can live forever and transform the world by changing our thoughts, words and actions.

There Is No Natural Cause of Death

Death is not a natural or necessary part of life. At one point in time, there was no death at all.

There was no death in creation until one living thing made the first kill. That thing could have been a small form of life that we don’t normally think of having freewill. But all forms of life, from the smallest to large, have freewill to some degree.

A World of Immortals?

There is an ancient myth that speaks of immortals. After a long and eternal existence, one immortal discovered he or she could kill. In that moment, death was born.

Head of a Persian guard.

Head of a Persian guard. One of the Ten Thousand Immortals. 

Were there really immortals? It doesn’t matter. The fact is this: for killing and death to exist, there was a first kill in time, a kill that began all following kills.

A form of life that killed another life, was the beginning point in the history of death. Death came into existence when the first form of life acted to kill.

Killing begets killing. With that first kill, death began.

You Might Disagree?

Some might say life evolved to kill itself, that lifeforms are designed to self-destruct. It’s true that we’re genetically designed to fall apart and die. I suggest, however, that the design of death, in our genetic code, was made my our collective misbehaviour over time.

Conscious actions evolve genetic structure, not the reverse.

The evolution of death, disease and suffering is something we created by acting in conflicted ways.

The moment life made the choice to kill, the world was changed. The balance of energy, and it’s direction, was torn and reversed. Yet, we can change this all. We can repair the harm completely. We can reverse the course of history the same way history was formed. By acting with cooperation, love and understanding — the world transforms.

What’s the Real Story?

It matters little the exact story of how death arose. Today, birth and death may appear a method of evolution, yet how sad we can’t find another way to live? How sad we can’t see the error of a brutal world and our own aggression … aggression silent and slow, or violent and loud.

The process of life consuming life does indeed evolve forms of life. Yet, this evolution creates generations that are better at killing and aggression. How unnecessary, meaningless and incorrect.

March of Human Progress

A simplified, silhouette version of Zallinger’s March of Progress

The Design of Our World Is Wrong

At one point in time, one form of life made the choice to kill another form of life — thus heaven, hell and in-between were born. Polarity emerged in fierce expression, and a predatory world came forth.

Today, we have bodies and lives that are often hijacked by the need to survive, the will to compete and kill to eat. Suffering, fear and death — for everyone —  has been the consequence of this progression.

We made this painful world. Evolving life created death, suffering and disease by choosing to kill. Harm was formed by oppositional behaviour, defiant to its own nature.

We Can Change Creation

Our advantage, as humans, is that we can override our predator brain with cerebral thinking. We can see the wrong of predatory behaviour. We can change the way we think, speak and act to reflect the type of world we want.

Change Your Brain; Here's How.

You Can Change Your Brain!

For a wonderful world, change how you…

  1. Think
  2. Speak
  3. Act

As humans improve, critical mass is formed. When we act good, en masse, there’s a chain reaction of large-scale-benevolence that sweeps the world. The Garden of Eden is restored. Peace, love and eternal values rule. Our needs are met without the need to harm. We give and create, not take from the world.

(en masse — in a mass; all together; as a group:)

How the World Transforms

Creation transforms as we reform our thinking and behaviour. We’re not victims in a predetermined world — we’re the makers of our fate.

Have the courage to change and improve. Make something better of life.

Let’s Change the World Today!

Change the World Today!

We Evolve the World by What We Do and Say!

About The Author

John F. Harrigan, M.S.

Author, Speaker, Qi Gong Master.