The Way to Immortality: Eternal Values and Your Higher Self

Immortal life needs love

Immortality is a normal way of life; it’s how we’re designed to be. By actions that harm and kill, we change the rules of nature to destructive force. We can switch things back to a wonderful world by making simple changes. This process of improvement is simple, but not always easy. It’s about changing harmful habits to good!

Immortal Water Lilly

We Live Forever

Immortal Benefits

Our higher self — our core and soul — is eternal, without beginning or end.

As we act in agreement with this higher self, we get eternal benefits of joy, happiness and freedom.

Everlasting life can be physical on earth, but we have to act in everlasting ways, as individuals and populations. We have to behave with eternal principles that give the world instructions to operate in an eternal manner.

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Why Killing Is Wrong

Killing and harm, where life consumes life, doesn’t create a good world.

Killing each other gives nature instructions to kill.

Harming other people instructs all of life to harm. There really is karma when we act in hramful ways; consequences are instant even if we’re not aware. Every act of harm we do adds to a sum of harm inside ourselves and in the world.

What is the sum total of this harm? Look around; look within. What do you see? Death is always near. Eventually something goes wrong… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

For Immortality: We can't continue to kill.

Rubens’s copy of da Vinci’s The Battle of Anghiari

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Full and Immediate Effects

What we do has immediate effect on ourselves, our bodies and core. What we do has an equal effect on other people and the world. 

We determine life’s outcome by our input.

Life is an equation, where every action counts and has effect. We direct this equation (or algorithm) by our thoughts and what we do. We determine the outcome of life by our input.

We Must Love Instead

We have to stop killing — everything. We must end the harm we do and love instead.

Immortal life needs love

We Can Love

If we improve our human ways, apocalyptic good can wash across the globe.

… nature improves and acts in our favor.

Improvement begins with each of us becoming aware of how we’re thinking, saying and doing at all levels of life. As we act better and cooperate, the world gets better — nature improves and acts in our favor.

Act with Eternal Values

As we act with eternal values, our bodies and nature respond in an immortal way.

Over eons, we’ve created ourselves, and it’s up to us to change how we’re created to a way we would prefer. Death, disease and suffering are not a necessity. We can make something better.

The Immortal Garden

It’s up to us to change what we do, so the world can respond with benevolence and love. It’s our responsibility to change ourselves if we want a world of strong and abundant good.

One day at a time, hour by hour, we can transform who we are and where we live to an immortal garden. As we improve ourselves, the force of good gets stronger. As productive change gains strength, an ease emerges in the world, affecting everything.

We have to start the ball rolling, and that can be hard work. But once momentum builds, the ball will do most of the labor.

Immortality and Garden of Eden

Jan Snellinck; Germany; Garden of Eden; circa 1630.

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We can have what we want. The world can be a wonderful place. But we have to change ourselves to have a change life. We have to improve, bit by bit. As we do, the garden around us amplifies our good behaviors.

We are given what we give.

Everything and everyone can be kind, good and helpful. Yet, to have this wonderful world, we must make the start.

About The Author

John F. Harrigan, M.S.

Author, Speaker, Qi Gong Master.