Death Is a Con We Accept

For immortality, remove the veil of death from your eyes.

Death is a con we accept without question or fault … and that’s wrong. No one has to die. There’s little value in suffering and pain. We can grow and evolve with joy and awareness. Discover the secret to living forever in the world of your dreams. It can happen now!

The Biggest Lie of All

Death is the biggest con on earth. Death is a lie, a veil we wear upon our eyes. No one has to die.

For immortality, remove the veil of death from your eyes.

The veil of death obscures the truth.

Life has always been eternal.

We’ve changed reality, and the laws of nature, by accepting death as a natural outcome. The acceptance of death makes death true. This can change, and we’re the ones who must change it.

We Create Death by What We Do

We create death. Death is not a fact of life that’s predetermined or imposed upon us.

We create death by killing and acting wrong in relationship with life. We create death by believing in death, by insisting we will die.

By acting in harm to ourselves and others, we ensure a risky life with a final demise.

Let’s look at human attitudes toward life and longevity as they played out in the Titanic tragedy: Some survived the sinking of the Titanic. Yet, if everyone stayed on the boat and accepted their end at sea, what would have happened? If no one jumped ship, would anyone have survived?

Are You on a Sinking Ship?

We’re on an earthly voyage worse than the Titanic. As the Titanic embarked, at least the passengers expected to survive and have a good trip. We, on the other hand, hope for the best while accepting a fate that careens toward oblivion.

To live forever, we must leave the sinking ship

We Can Leave a Sinking Ship

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We assume science may increase our effective span of life. Yet, we rightly imagine a prolonged physical life would have little value if pain and ill-will continued.

A life of suffering and harm is not a good deal, any way you look at it.

We can change the deal by jumping ship.

We Can Change Everything

Believing in death is the worst belief we can have. Accepting death, as inevitable, allows us to bail out on life and not fulfill our potential.

Believing death can’t be stopped by our thoughts, beliefs and actions … ensures that death happens. Believing death is inevitable, we stand like deer in the headlights, allowing harm to progress.

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You Have the Power to Transform

Believe and know, you have the power to transform this world and your life. You and the world’s population are determining our course, day by day — with every thought, word and deed that’s chosen.

Immortality can be our world.

Make the World Immortal

We can make a wonderful earth, but we have to change, just a little each day. We have to improve our thoughts and speech. We have to improve our physical deeds.

The Good Life Is a Choice

As we stop accepting death and realize that we determine life, things improve.

We vote on the outcome of the world, on the quality of life, by what we do.

We can have a good life all around the world. Politics don’t matter. Economies, good or bad, will not impede this dream.

As we evolve ourselves, the character of the planet transforms to match our ways. A kindness emerges as we express our best.

We’re Made to Live Forever

Happiness and freedom are always here. Our soul is full of joy. Our spirit is never restrained. Yet we must know this fact to have it be reality. We must be aware that our lives are something grand.

We must pursue our best, inside ourselves. We need to seek awareness at our core. We will then see the beauty of the world — the beauty of every person, place and thing.

Beauty and Immortality

There Is Immortal Beauty at the Core of Everything.

As we look into our soul and experience our good, we can see the world more accurately. As we get calm, relaxed and act with compassion, the world transforms.

We Evolve by Our Behaviors

As we think, speak and act — a little better every day — we improve, and the physical world transforms to a place of wonder.

We can progress, evolve and be a planet of good-will.

We can change the world to something superb. We can remove the veil of death from our lives. All of us can live freely and with joy.

[Extra info: Ted Talk Video, Habits of Happiness; click here.]

Let Go of Death; Get Something Great!

Make the World Immortal Now!

Make the world you want and desire.

Let go of death, suffering and pain. None of this is needed, or has a place in our lives.

Believe there is a better way, and live this way in what you think, do and say.

Make the intelligent choice — decide to change yourself. It’s simple; you can do it now.

A Better Life…

Transform your lives; remake the world!

To have a better life — to consider an eternal world with no injury or harm — I have some help for you:

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