Immortality Tool: “Awareness”

Immortality Brings Awareness

In this Article: Discover the key to immortal life on earth. Learn how awareness builds immortality. Try a technique for eternal power. Download our free report: ‘The Secret to Immortality.‘ The Key to Immortal Life Awareness is the key to a powerful life: the key to strength, success and happiness. Awareness is knowing, understanding and being in…

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Discover Your Immortal Self!

Immortality: We Create the World

Immortality: If we create the world by how we act, en mass and individually, what should we make? How about a better world, eliminating stress and pain? If we’re in charge of how creation performs, why not give instructions for a better world? Why not live forever in a place of peace and love?

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Immortality Tip: Pain Has Strength to Give

Pain Relief Now!

There is strength in pain. Pain is the marker, the voice telling us where to dig for gold. Pain tells us where our greatest gift can be found … if we look through the pain and don’t run.

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Death Is a Con We Accept

For immortality, remove the veil of death from your eyes.

Death is a con we all accept without question or fault, and that’s wrong. No one has to die. There is little value in suffering and pain. We can grow and evolve with joy and happiness. Discover the secret to living forever in the world of your dreams. It can happen now!

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The Way to Immortality: Eternal Values and Your Higher Self

Immortal life needs love

Our higher self — our core and soul — is eternal, without beginning or end. As we act in agreement with this higher self, we get eternal benefits of joy, happiness and freedom.

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Immortality Secret: Death Is Something We Create

Death Is a human creation

Immortality: We can design a world where death never comes. We can remake the world to an immortal place of ease and good.

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Immortality and How to Live Forever

Head of a Persian guard.

Death is not natural or good; immortality and eternal living are what we are born to do. Disease, accident and death are the outcomes of doing bad things to each other and life. We can live forever and change the world to an eternal forward growing planet … by changing our thoughts, words and actions.

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Qi Gong Power: What Is Qi Gong and How Can It Help You?

Qi Gong Helps Us Think!

Qi Gong brings our core self alive. With this core, we feel good, strong and happy — living the life we want. Confusion stops; bliss and happiness emerge.

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Everlasting Life!

Life Eternal

Christ is here now, in this moment, as who we are.

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Anger Can Love

Love is who we are. Love is our core and deep personal power.

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