We’re Born to Live Forever!

The original design of our body and mind does not include illness and death.

  • We’re born to live forever: the original design of our body and mind does not include illness and death. Physical immortality is a fact we can live in this life.
  • Illness and death are habits evolved over time, as our bodies and minds were used in ways that did not favor life.
  • We’re perfect as we are without the need for injury and sickness.


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“The Immortality Process”: How It Works

Our bodies and mind are designed to live forever. Illness, accident and death are a habit that evolved over time as we acted in ways that did not favor life.

Physical immortality and perfect health are the natural human condition we were born to live.

We’re perfect as we are, but must activate this perfection. Awareness and intent allow immortal expression.

With a simple approach of instruction and Qi Gong — illness, accident and death no longer become an inevitable consequence of living.

We don’t have to be “super gurus,” sages or saints to live a healthy life impervious to harm. We do have to practice thoughts, feelings and behaviours that favor life and a better way of living.

There’s nothing to become: we’re already complete. Awareness of this fact allows immortality to happen. Longevity, peace and a pleasurable life become ours.


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